5 Benefits Of Decluttering – And How To Make It Happen!


We just finished a 30-day declutter challenge in 24 hours, and it’s left us wanting more! We thought we’d share some practical tips and inspirational insight to help you with your spring clean this year. You can check out our challenge video here, and read more about the deeper significance of spring cleaning here.

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In the meantime, get your feather duster out: it’s time to start!

  1. Your physical, mental and emotional health

“As within, so without”

By decluttering our home, office or workplace we take positive steps to overcome the very things that are holding us back by releasing objects and attachments which keep us locked in the past or hankering for the future.

Holding on to old traumas, relationships & mindsets has a profound effect on our mental and emotional health. Grief, fear, anxiety, stress: they all hide in the deep recesses of our being, waiting to pounce on us when our defences are down – and if they’re not dealt with you can guarantee they will manifest as physical ailments before too long.

Even ‘positive’ emotions can hold us back – remember that amazing weekend you had back in ‘05? You know, the one which you measure every other weekend by and which can’t be beaten because your memory of it conveniently eradicates the dodgy curry you ate or the freezing cold puddle you fell in on the way home? Well giving away the old Ramones t-shirt you were wearing that night might help you let go of the warm, fuzzy and hugely misleading sense of nostalgia which goes with it: and it might just allow you to really appreciate your life as it is now.
2. Achieving your goals

Have you ever found it easier to concentrate on a small task when you’re in a tidy room? Or noticed how much more pleasant it is to cook in a clean kitchen? Well imagine how much easier it’ll be to focus on achieving your life goals – and developing yourself – when you have a clean & tidy mind, heart and home.

The more belongings you have the more things you have to clean, replace, maintain and worry about, and the less time and energy you have to achieve the things that really matter to you.

3. The Inspiration you always wanted

Any gardener worth their salt will tell you that winter happens for a reason – leaves die off, the soil gets turned and weeds are pulled up to make space for new flowers to bloom.

Why not do the same with your life? Regular decluttering creates space – both internal and external – for new experiences, relationships and adventures to take root. Take up this practise seriously and being stuck in a rut will become a thing of the past.

4. Don’t hog all the good stuff

This one is simple: your house is cluttered up with things that other people are going to find useful on their journey. Now that these things have served you, why stop them from bringing joy to somebody else? This doesn’t have to be a drag – the joy of giving can teach us some of the greatest lessons imaginable.

5) Reset your vision

It’s a brave step for some, a day-to-day chore for others. But regular decluttering helps us to meditate more deeply on what it really is which is making us happy: is it the object itself? Probably not given the fact that you’re reading a blog about decluttering. Most likely it’s the experience which the object represents.

Our best experiences are usually the ones where we deepen our appreciation of life and the creation, or where we leave our comfort zone, forge more loving relationships & move closer to a worldview which allows us to bring more happiness to others and ourselves. These are the things which really last, and which bring a substantial fulfilment to our hearts which far exceeds the fizzy and flimsy pleasure of acquiring disposable goods to satisfy fleeting – and usually selfish – whims.

So why not give ourselves a chance to recalibrate our desires and set our sights a little higher this spring?


  • Label three bags or boxes – things to recycle, things to pass on & things for the bin.
  • Clear out drawers and cupboards first – the extra space will help you to organise things as you go along.
  • If you have more than one of something then pick your favourite and free the rest!
  • If you’ve not used something for a year, be thankful for it and let it go (in our video we went with six months – just make sure you don’t throw out your only swim suit or winter coat!)
  • Be dynamic – clutter loves to stick to people and it loves to stay there. So counteract this by being bold and confident in your approach. Feel free to make it fun!
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself! If you find you’re overly attached to something just remember that that’s ok: it’s why we’re decluttering in the first place. Be grateful for the opportunity to let it go, then send it on it’s way.
  • If you didn’t know you had it you probably don’t need it (this is more of a rule of thumb than anything but it’s gotten me out of a few declutter conundrums in the past!)
  • Lastly, but most importantly of all: prevention is better than a cure! So once you’ve experienced the benefits of decluttering, make it a regular practice. Whether it’s twice a year or every month, make it a habit and reap the rewards. Some people choose to let go of something every time they buy something – just find something which works for you and go with it!

You can get in touch with us via YouTubeInstagram, Twitter, Facebook or in the comments below – we’d love to hear your tips and experiences!

One thought on “5 Benefits Of Decluttering – And How To Make It Happen!

  1. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this juicy topic. As a new mama, I find things just keep accumulating in our apartment. We live in Japan so it’s very easy to notice when there is very minimal space & closet space to store things. I have been diligent about selling things once they are unnecessary, sometimes really cheap just so someone else can find use with the item(s) and it has been SO worth it! You know, some people just can’t afford the market price so people like me result to used apps (Japan has some awesome apps for only used buy/sell which I SO appreciate). Back in BC, I used to gather things I didn’t need, label the bag, and have it out by the dumpster where many homeless people would search for food and other useful goodies. Another person’s “garbage” is another’s treasure! I hope your blog post reaches out far and wide so people can become more mindful about the accumulation of things and also to go search for treasures at used shops to recycle! Bliss & Bless, my friend!


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