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Look back to look forward

A message of encouragement! Feeling very thankful for this post right now 🙏🏽

Tattva - See Inside Out

One month into 2017; an appropriate time to review our resolutions. Realistic, achievable and still alive? Need some tweaking? If Plan A is falling apart don’t worry – there are another 25 letters in the alphabet! In fact, modern-day motivators reassuringly remind us that the most successful people in the world are those who wholeheartedly embrace and execute Plan B. Chop and change, experiment and innovate, somehow or other, find a strategy that works. Keep progressing forward, and avoid dying a slow death through stagnation and frustration. Plans sometimes need an overhaul, but the goal must be cemented into our consciousness, constantly tugging on our hearts and mind.

That said, I’ll throw another ingredient into the mix. The bog-standard motivational pep talks focus on the potentiality of the bright future, conjuring up inspiring visions to grab our attention and drive us forward. This buoyant approach, however, is too one-dimensional. It…

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