meet our friends

We’re lucky to have met a smorgasbord of saints on our travels through the material world. Here are some of them – and their online offerings of realisations and wisdom:

Mikey Jay: this well-read, transcendental hip-hop artist & multi-instrumentalist spent two years living as a Vedic monk in India. Now based in Brighton, he puts his experiences into music, poetry and more. (As well as a website, he also has a great YouTube channel).

Sutapa das: a bona fide 21st century monk who writes intelligent, articulate & insightful blogs applying ancient wisdom to modern life. Every post is a gem.

Jahnavi Harrison: singer, musician, artist, writer, regular contributor to Radio 2’s Pause For Thought: the world is a much better place with Jahnavi in it!

Hare Krishna Canterbury: a growing community of people practising & interested in bhakti yoga in east Kent, England.

Rukmini Poddar: creator of beautiful, moving and profoundly deep artworks which shine light onto often-ignored corners of our lives – you can download her amazing book here.

Vanipedia: ok so not exactly friends… but we had the luck of meeting someone who is involved with this project and they were very, very cool – just like their site: it’s a spiritual encyclopaedia of the teachings of the greatest exponent of spiritual knowledge the modern age has seen. Use this site to search for anything – you’ll get a huge array of profound and insightful results.

The Soul Search Project: A growing Facebook community delivering penetrating wisdom directly to your news feed.